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We Provide TDS Softwares.

" Online Verify TDS "

Software has master data for each party deductor like Party code Unique identifier as already defined by the client, Name of the firm/company, Address of the deductor, Name of the proprietor/partner/ director, TAN Number,contact/Mobile No., Contact person, Email id and other basic details as needed.

Software can be capable of importing two excel files

TDS as per books of client through a unique party code identifier and TAN as given by us to each party.

TDS as per 26AS through a unique party code identifier as given by us to each party and/or by TAN number of the party deductor, which is unique number given by the Income Tax dept to each deductor. Software Functionality

Software can generate report showing the difference of each month party wise and then total for the period so analysed, whereby shortfall amount is reported in negative and excess amount in 26AS reported in positive.

Such report can be generated on Monthly/Quarterly basis for all the quarters individually as well as half yearly or for Nine months and finally for the whole year.

Further, it should match the entries as per Clients TDS data with that of 26AS by matching the date and amount.

It should make out the entries which remains unmatched in both the files.

Software can generate a Letter party wise, extracting address, name of party, shortfall/excess amount of TDS (draft letter format is attached herewith) wherein the above matter can be filled in by the software.

Further, it should have option to generate letters only for the shortfall parties or for excess amount in 26AS parties or for the all parties.

Such letters can be generated on Quarterly basis for all the quarters individually as well as half yearly or for Nine months and finally for the whole year analysed by the software.

Software Features

Match TDS with 26AS and Your Books Automatically through software.

Generate report Automatically of shortfall Or excess TDS amount reflection in 26 AS

Type Letter to party with the amount to notify.

Master Data Required

Deductor Party Code (Unique Identifier )

Name of the Deductor firm /company ( Compulsory)

Address of the Deductor

TAN Number ( Compulsory)

Mobile Number ,Contact Person,Email ID and other basic information about deductor

Coaching Classes/Institute ERP/CRM


This SRS explains the customer requirements, design considerations, technologies to design the website for Blossom Institutes, Maninagar, Ahmedabad.


The purpose of this document is to present a detailed description of the online platform for different activities handled by Blossom Institutes (here after Bloossom) and it’s branches as well as franchises. It will explain the purpose and features of the system, the interfaces of the system, what the system will do, the constraints under which it must operate and how the system will react to external stimuli. This document is intended for both the stakeholders and the developers of the system.

The scope of the system is decided as:

  • 1. Facility to create new branches
  • 2. Facility to record student information when there is a walk-in or a telephonic enquiry at different branches and franchisees.
  • 3. Facility to register student registration process at different branches and franchisees.
  • 4. Facility to record the fees paid either in full or partial by the students at different branches and franchisees.
  • 5. Facility to record the payments received by the admin
  • 6. Facility to query student information
  • 7. Facility to query branch information
  • 8. Facility to query pending dues at branch/franchisee level and student level
  • 9. A BI dashboard to get the overall status of the branches

Rest of the document will give detailed description of different aspects of the product viz., environmental considerations and other assumptions, functional requirements, use cases, entities which interact with the system and system flow.

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Telecom Distributor Software

All Features for telecommunication distribution. Salesperson, Demo ID, Retailer, Purchase, Sales, Payments, Outstanding, credit, debit and reports management system for distributors working telecom industry.

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Client Reporting SOftware

Client Reporting Software

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Process flow update CRM

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